New Addition

Do you need more space, but don’t want to move? Room additions can provide a satisfying compromise. With our specialization in designing and building new homes, Gianna Homes provides the best services for room additions.

Home Addition Ideas

If you like where you live, you don’t have to uproot your family to get more space. Room additions can keep you in your home while providing you with a more comfortable environment. With over twenty years of experience in room addition and home addition, Gianni Homes will work to meet all your needs and desires.

Family Room

Family Bedroom

Sun Room

Home Office

Home Theater

Workplace or Studio

Why Room Additions Improve Your Home and Your Life

By building an addition to your existing home, you can  add more livable space without the hassle of moving. A new room addition will also increase the value of your home and make it more marketable if you decide to sell later. Joe’s extensive architectural experience can help guide you through the possibilities and find the best approach for your situation.

Home Addition Cost

Constructing a new home addition requires much more planning than remodeling an existing space. To minimize disruption of you and your family’s daily life, delays in the project, and misunderstandings in the process, planning must take a central role. The team at Gianni Homes understands this, and we will communicate and work with you to ensure a thorough and comprehensive plan gets executed.

Joe Gianni, the owner of Gianni Homes, has expertise both as a builder and a designer. He can help you formulate your design ideas, tell you what’s possible, offer suggestions you may not have thought of, and help you create the final plans. By taking your family’s needs, activities, and dreams into consideration, Gianni Homes gives you a well-built room or home addition that enhances the aesthetics of your house and the enjoyment of your lifestyle. The cost of your home addition depends on many factors, including the size of the room and any materials used, but Gianni Homes does its best to keep the cost of the room addition affordable and within your budget.

For information on adding a new room to your home, contact Gianni Homes today for advice and ideas.